Join LifeWorks Erie

LifeWorks Erie is more than an organization. We are a community of like-minded individuals who are seeking to live life fully in later adulthood. We are a community of individuals who value wellness in all of its forms: intellectual, emotional, psychological, physical, and spiritual. Our classes, activities, events, and services are varied in scope and are designed to enable members to sustain and achieve their own potential for maximum, vibrant, healthy living.

All of the programs and services offered by LifeWorks Erie are designed to enrich, engage, energize, and serve our members throughout life’s journey. Regardless of your current age, and whether you are physically fit or not at all; at the “top of your game” or not quite; no matter your interests, LifeWorks Erie provides you with the opportunity to choose to make your life work for you.

Membership in LifeWorks Erie is empowering. You can quench your intellectual thirst, increase your physical fitness, expand your horizons, exercise your independence, be emotionally supported, deepen your spirituality, and stay healthy.

Annual individual membership in LifeWorks Erie is $50; $95 for couples.