Lifelong Learning Institute

The Lifelong Learning Institute provides the opportunity for intellectual as well as all other dimensions of wellness through lifelong learning. Classes and activities challenge the individual to exercise the mind and to participate in the adventure of discovery. The current understanding of learning, regardless of age, but particularly during the aging process, is that curiosity, exploration, and new experience decreases the incidence of various diseases and promotes health and well-being. A variety of class topics are represented which reflect the varied dimensions of adult life, its issues and interests. The unifying purpose of all the classes presented in the Lifelong Learning Institute is to engage, excite, enrich, and energize its participants and, in so doing, increase the potential for a long and healthy life.

Autumn Rhapsody – 1st Half of Fall Lifelong Learning Schedule: Fall18 LifeLongLearn pt1FINAL



Lifelong Learning Classes being are now offered at the LECOM Senior Living Communities (Parkside North East, Parkside at Westminster and Regency at South Shore). Unless otherwise noted, please contact LifeWorks Erie at or by calling (814) 453-5072 to pre-register  for all classes.

Please click on the links below for each community:

Parkside at Westminster:   Westminster summer 2018

Parkside at North East:  CLASSES AT PARKSIDE NORTH EAST – 2018

Regency at South Shore:  Classes – REGENCY



Click below for a list of Events at Each University:

Please check back soon for a listing of classes.

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